We believe that the key to UNITY is prayer. God longs for us to simply be with Him. To sit in His presence. He invites us into His rest, where peace and freedom abound. It is in this very connection and love for Him that we can unite with others, love others, intercede on behalf of others, rejoice and mourn with others. Let us enter into His presence and lift each other up in UNITY TOGETHER.

Please read through these prayers with mercy and grace in your heart. Intercede on behalf of these prayers and praises and after you do so, please respond and click the “I prayed” button so that those who have requested prayer would know that they have been prayed for.


Requested Prayer

  • Stuck in the hurricane

    Please pray for my safety as I am stuck in Serrasota, Fl unable to evacuate the storm. I was unable to leave because there was no available gas to do so. I need prayers of protection as do the others around me that could not leave either. Our community and all of those in the path of Irma need your prayers. Thank you, Tyler.

  • Prayers as Reba's mother passed away

    Please pray for Reba as she walks and grieves the loss of my mother. For peace and comfort. And for safety in travels to and from California.

  • Prayer for an Adoption Journey

    Please pray for Jason and Alex Parsley as they are in the process of adopting a little boy named Ethan from China. Please pray that their process will continue smoothly and that all things will move forward in God's good timing. That the funds will be provided to complete the adoption. That Ethan will know he is loved as he waits for his forever family. That Jason and Alex will be comforted and at peace as they wait. For his caretakers. That ultimately God would be glorified through their journey.

  • Prayer for family

    Please pray for me and my family. We lost our mom last night

  • PJ Surgery

    This is Bonnie from church. PJ will be going in for his surgery this morning at 5:30am to Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. Please pray for PJ and the physicians. And for the financial burdens from this. Here is a link for the gofundme page I set up for this. It will be a lot of back and forth, and there will be things that are not covered by insurance. Here's the link:
    I appreciate the prayers and goodwill that we have already received. Thank you.

  • Church Growth

    As I look at specific needs of our church and our pastor's vision that God put on his heart. I'd like for us to pray that we reach 40 new families to become part of our church family in 2017. May we be the love to our neighbors the allows them to find or renew a life in Christ.

  • calvin

    lets pray for calvin

  • For my son Caleb and my cousin Heather

    Please pray for my son Caleb, who has been sick for two weeks. He has pneumonia and is on the slow road to recovery. He has missed several days of school, so please pray he doesn't get too far behind. Pray for strength and peace for Jess and me.

    Second request: I found out this morning that my cousin and childhood friend Heather Bailey passed away from cancer. She was in her thirties. Please pray for peace for her family, especially her two little girls.


  • Deliverance for our Church

    Join with me in prayer for our Church. Pray that God would deliver us from anything holding us back from God's ultimate will for Ford's Chapel.
    God, I pray that you would free us from our strongholds. From our sacred cows. Free us from our fears of the unknown. Open our hearts so that we may love our neighbors, for we hope that through our love they will know you.

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Praises of Thanksgiving

  • Mendy Townsend said...

    I had the "I don't" Sunday morning. I asked Cason "do you want to go to church?" Praise God he said "Yes! Go to church!"

  • Mendy said...

    Praise God! The judge gave Kaylyn a second chance. Please continue to pray she keeps working hard and gets her son back. We are proud of her hard work for the love of her son.

  • Mendy Townsend said...

    Praise God! Bentley is out of the hospital.