We believe that the key to UNITY is prayer. God longs for us to simply be with Him. To sit in His presence. He invites us into His rest, where peace and freedom abound. It is in this very connection and love for Him that we can unite with others, love others, intercede on behalf of others, rejoice and mourn with others. Let us enter into His presence and lift each other up in UNITY TOGETHER.

Please read through these prayers with mercy and grace in your heart. Intercede on behalf of these prayers and praises and after you do so, please respond and click the “I prayed” button so that those who have requested prayer would know that they have been prayed for.


Requested Prayer

  • Melissa's brother

    Thankful for successful surgery.

  • Brenda

    For Healing

  • Donnie's son Mark

    Please pray for Patty's friend Donnie and her son Mark. Donnie is travelling today out of state, to be with Mark as he undergoes surgery for bladder cancer. He has been battling this for some time, and now they are removing the bladder.

  • Delyn Strickland

    Please continue to pray for improved health. I've received a possible diagnosis of bone cancer.

  • Reba Brewer's father passed away

    Please pray for Reba and Dave Brewer and their family. Her father passed away unexpectedly.

  • Urgent prayer for Delyn Strickland

    Please pray for me. I've been terribly sick. I went to the ER 3 times over the weekend but they didn't admit me. I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon, and I hope she will admit me to the hospital. I have a blockage in my ovaries, but I also have been too sick for them to do anything about the blockage. I can't keep any food down. Please pray for healing and for wisdom for the doctor. Thank you.

  • Better Job

    Pray that the Lord can find me a better position that would work for me. My job is hard on my body after knee replacement. I wish for a Monday - Friday so I can participate in Sunday service and with the church.

  • My Daughter

    Please continue to pray for my daughter and her son. Pray for her lawyers to work hard for her.

  • Family of Joanne Smith

    Joanne died this past Friday night. She is Pat Pope's aunt. Pat is a long time friend of Patsy Smartt. She was a member of Toney UMC.

  • Nancy Martin in Huntsville Hospital

    Nancy Martin is in Huntsville Hospital. She's having a reoccurance of kidney failure and is very sick. She is currently back on dialysis and we hope it will make her feel better.

  • Please pray for the Todd Family

    Kim Todd's mother passed away. Please be in prayer for their family as they grieve. May the God of all peace and comfort be with them in this time. Amen.

  • Please pray for daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. She has gotten herself in trouble. Please don't let the system throw her away.

  • Health and Home Issues

    Please pray for Cheryl & Bruce. They have both been having health issues, and they also have water damage to their home that they are trying to repair themselves. Thank you for lifting them up.

  • Prayer needed in dark times

    Please for the Townsend family as there are walking through dark times. May they feel the presence of the God of all peace and comfort. May they lean on Him and Him alone and may the Body of Christ come around them and support them in this time. Amen.

  • For safety and protection in the face of disaster

    Please join us in prayer as we lift up God's children in the face of this hurricane. We pray for all of those being affected, for the emergency responders and community leaders, for safety and shelter from harms way and for wisdom and knowledge in the coming days. We pray for mercy, Father. We pray for all of those who have already been walking the disaster that Harvey left behind. We pray that you would raise up an army to love those in the wake of Harvey and Irma. That your glory would be shown through it all. That we would be love to one another in a great time of need. That we would be your hands and feet. Amen

  • Prayers for our Children's Ministry transitions

    Please pray for Kristin Todd as she moves on to new endeavors and as our church seeks a new children's ministry leader.

  • prayers for health

    Please pray for the health of Anne Parris as her shoulders are hurting. For answers and healing.

  • Stuck in the hurricane

    Please pray for my safety as I am stuck in Serrasota, Fl unable to evacuate the storm. I was unable to leave because there was no available gas to do so. I need prayers of protection as do the others around me that could not leave either. Our community and all of those in the path of Irma need your prayers. Thank you, Tyler.

  • Prayers as Reba's mother passed away

    Please pray for Reba as she walks and grieves the loss of my mother. For peace and comfort. And for safety in travels to and from California.

  • Prayer for an Adoption Journey

    Please pray for Jason and Alex Parsley as they are in the process of adopting a little boy named Ethan from China. Please pray that their process will continue smoothly and that all things will move forward in God's good timing. That the funds will be provided to complete the adoption. That Ethan will know he is loved as he waits for his forever family. That Jason and Alex will be comforted and at peace as they wait. For his caretakers. That ultimately God would be glorified through their journey.


Praises of Thanksgiving

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