We believe that the key to UNITY is prayer. God longs for us to simply be with Him. To sit in His presence. He invites us into His rest, where peace and freedom abound. It is in this very connection and love for Him that we can unite with others, love others, intercede on behalf of others, rejoice and mourn with others. Let us enter into His presence and lift each other up in UNITY TOGETHER.

Please read through these prayers with mercy and grace in your heart. Intercede on behalf of these prayers and praises and after you do so, please respond and click the “I prayed” button so that those who have requested prayer would know that they have been prayed for.


Requested Prayer

  • Daughter getting son back

    Please keep praying for my daughter and her son. Praise God - she will be getting her son back on May 2nd. All because of the Lord. She has worked really hard getting her life together.

  • Family of Walter Harbin

    Walter Harbin, a long-time friend and member of Toney UMC, passed away this week.

  • Barbara Ellen Smartt

    Daughter-in-law, Barbara Ellen, who had knee surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago, has developed an infection that will require her to receive home IV antibiotics for six weeks.

  • Kaylyn

    Please pray for Kaylyn to continue to do good.

  • Mrs.

    Please pray for my 23 year old high functioning autistic son Michael. He is not doing well since his dad's death in January. He is speeding really fast when he drives and taking all kinds of risks with the mindset that if he dies, oh well, he has to go sometime. He does not know the Lord and has pulled away from me. Thank you

  • Mendy's Mother

    Thank you Lord! Please pray for my mother-in-law. She will be getting a pacemaker put in.

  • Mendy's Daughter, Kaylyn

    Thank you for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for Kaylyn and that her home visit gets approved so she can get her baby back full time. She is working very hard.

  • Lovell Family

    Please pray for the Lovell family. Long-time Learning Center family, they just found out Mr. Lovell has a brain tumor.

  • Kaylyn

    Please continue to pray for Kaylyn. She has one more walk through and if she passes they will start moving her son back to her custody full-time. Praise God!

    She has worked hard getting her life together, but her ugly past keeps hitting her hard.

  • Shamar and family

    Pray for my friend Shamar and his family

  • Protection against curse and black magic

    I would like prayers for me, Fernanda Gomes de Melo and my ex fiance Lukas Flucht. For us to get free from the black magic and curse that a woman is doing against us.

  • Reba Brewer

    Please pray for Reba, who is hospitalized with heart issues.

  • Jaylen Draper

    Jessica Polk requests prayer for her son, Jaylen Draper. He has been diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis. Thank you.

  • Mendy's Daughter

    Please continue to pray for the judge to give my daughter a second chance in life. Praise God, she is working hard to get right.

  • KayLyn

    Please continue to pray for my daughter Kaylyn. Pray that the judge will give her a second chance in life. She is working hard at getting her life together for her and her son. Lord, please guide her to the right life and to teach her son to love God, work hard, and love.

  • Benkley

    Please pray for my friend's grandson Benkley. He is in the hospital having seizures.

  • Mendy Townsend's daughter

    Please continue to pray for my daughter and her son. Please pray that the judge will give her a second chance in life. She is working very hard and back in church! Thank you Lord!

  • Kairos Team

    Please pray for the entire Kairos Team, who are all sick since their return from serving in Costa Rica.

  • Ruth Smith

    Prayers for Ruth, who is sick with upper respiratory issues since her return from Costa Rica.

  • Parsley Family

    Please pray for the Parsley family, as they travel to China to adopt their new son, Ethan.

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Praises of Thanksgiving

  • Mendy Townsend said...

    I had the "I don't" Sunday morning. I asked Cason "do you want to go to church?" Praise God he said "Yes! Go to church!"

  • Mendy said...

    Praise God! The judge gave Kaylyn a second chance. Please continue to pray she keeps working hard and gets her son back. We are proud of her hard work for the love of her son.

  • Mendy Townsend said...

    Praise God! Bentley is out of the hospital.