We believe that the key to UNITY is prayer. God longs for us to simply be with Him. To sit in His presence. He invites us into His rest, where peace and freedom abound. It is in this very connection and love for Him that we can unite with others, love others, intercede on behalf of others, rejoice and mourn with others. Let us enter into His presence and lift each other up in UNITY TOGETHER.

Please read through these prayers with mercy and grace in your heart. Intercede on behalf of these prayers and praises and after you do so, please respond and click the “I prayed” button so that those who have requested prayer would know that they have been prayed for.


Requested Prayer

  • Elizabeth Wharry

    I'm bone on bone in my lumbar spine. Pray for guidance to the right surgeon.

  • Our middle daughter

    Please pray for our middle daughter, who is no longer in fellowship with us or the church of God.
    Lester & Merle Phillip

  • Amanda Hartman & family

    Please pray for Amanda Hartman. Her brain tumor has returned. Also keep her husband, Dan, and her daughter Delaney and son Adam in your prayers. Thank you.

  • Sean Michael Cave and Parents

    I have an inoperable brain tumor. Please pray for my mom and dad. They need your prayers because they support me.

  • Paula Vinngs

    Please pray for Paula, who is having complications from surgery.

  • Angela Scot

    Please pray for Angela Scot, for these are troubling times for her.

  • Kelley S

    Please pray for healing of sickness.

  • husband

    husband's faith

  • Gary McCullough

    Please pray for Gary McCullough, who is dying of cancer.

  • Jackie Garza

    Please continue to pray for Cecilia Della Pella's niece Jackie. She is going through chemo for stage 4 breast cancer which has metastasized.

  • Tim Dobbins

    Please pray for Katie's uncle, Tim Dobbins, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pray also for his family.

  • Lynn Humber

    Please pray for Patty Todd's cousin, Lynn Humber, who is having brain surgery on January 18th. She will be in intensive care for some time after surgery as well.

  • Joanne Yager

    Please pray for Joanne, whose shoulder surgery has been rescheduled for January 21st at 10:30 am.

  • Sean Hodge and his mom Kim

    Please pray for Sean Hodge. He's in his early 20's and is in stage 4 renal failure. Also pray for his mom, Kim Hodge. She is a single mom and caring for Sean, who is autistic.

  • David Malmberg, Sr.

    Please pray for Dave Malberg's father, David Malmberg Sr, who is battling cancer.

  • Janet Williams

    Please pray for Janet Malmberg's mother, Janet Williams, who is in hospice care.

  • Joanne Yager Surgery

    Please pray for Joanne Yager, who is having shoulder surgery on 1/10.19.

  • Mrs

    My brother in law,Melvin, is having involved sinus surgery on 12/10. The family requests prayer. Thznk you.

  • Janet Herndon

    Please pray for Janet Herndon, who is having back surgery on 12/4.

  • Janet Williams

    Please pray for Janet Malmberg's mother, Janet Williams, who is in hospice care.


Praises of Thanksgiving

  • My brother in law is healing well after sinus surgery. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes.

  • We are thankful that we were able to help with the house project (CASATemp$) on November 4th.
    Bill & Shirley Smith