We believe that the key to UNITY is prayer. God longs for us to simply be with Him. To sit in His presence. He invites us into His rest, where peace and freedom abound. It is in this very connection and love for Him that we can unite with others, love others, intercede on behalf of others, rejoice and mourn with others. Let us enter into His presence and lift each other up in UNITY TOGETHER.

Please read through these prayers with mercy and grace in your heart. Intercede on behalf of these prayers and praises and after you do so, please respond and click the “I prayed” button so that those who have requested prayer would know that they have been prayed for.


Requested Prayer

  • Janet Herndon

    Please pray for Janet Herndon, who is having back surgery on 12/4.

  • Janet Williams

    Please pray for Janet Malmberg's mother, Janet Williams, who is in hospice care.

  • Marlene & Al Renz

    Please pray for Marlene & Al Renz.

  • Tim & Cindy Allen

    Please pray for God's guidance to find a church home. Also, we are in the process of adopting siblings from Ukraine.

  • Shirley Nelson

    Prayers requested for Shirley Nelson

  • Michele Albright

    Pray for Michele Albright, who is recovering more slowly than normal from cervical neck surgery. She is a relative of Joanne Yager.

  • Carla S.

    Organ rejection

  • Janet Williams & David Malmberg

    Prayers please.

  • Ruby Brasher

    Prayers please.

  • Penny Crandell

    Please pray for Penny's health.

  • Lee Family

    Please pray for the Lee family.
    Crandel, Penny - Health
    Wilson, Samantha - Bed Rest until baby birth - 6 weeks

  • Trish & Marty Stephens great-nephew

    Please pray for the newborn son of Trish & Marty Stephens' nephew. He was born at 30 weeks, weighing 2 lb, 11 oz.

  • Bobbie Lovell & Family

    Please pray for Bobbie Lovell, as well as his wife Janette and their children, Theresa, Andrew, & Julia. Bobbie has been battling a brain tumor, and the prognosis is not good. Please lift them up in prayer as they continue to go through these troubled times.

  • Sallie Brink's son & family

    Please pray for my son Adam, daughter-in-law Moe, and grandson Logan, that they will forgive each other.

  • Tim Richard

    Please pray for Tim Richard, who lives in Tekamah, NE. He has no family other than his wife, and he's been diagnosed with cancer. He's going through chemo and now is financially strapped with no health insurance. He has applied for medicare disability, but that doesn't look like it's happening.

  • Charlie Johnson

    Please pray for Charlie Johnson, who fell and broke his hip Sunday. He's having surgery on Monday, and it is considered very risky.

  • JoJo Parker

    Please pray for Kim Todd's uncle, who has terminal cancer.

  • Jen Zaleski

    Please pray for Jim & Patty Todd's niece in Haverhill, MA. She hs multiple injuries from being hit by a truck.

  • Jaylen Draper

    Please be in prayer for Jaylen as his health continues to be an obstacle in his education. Pray that he will continue to improve so that he can attend school this year.


Praises of Thanksgiving

  • We are thankful that we were able to help with the house project (CASATemp$) on November 4th.
    Bill & Shirley Smith