Mark Barofsky

Mark has been involved in and around youth ministry since he was a part of one as a teenager. When Jesus saves and redeems, there is also a calling into ministry, so Mark’s salvation through Jesus late in high school was also the beginning of his journey in ministry. Some of the most life-giving and challenging conversations don’t happen at a church, but around campfires, coffees, fast-food meals, ball-fields, and through the halls of schools. It is in those places and through those opportunities that Mark enjoys ministry with students the most.

When not busy doing ‘church-stuff’ or learning to be an adult, Mark is probably out wandering through the woods, attempting to build/garden/redneck, or teaching his daughter how to shoot. Hey, those boys will come knocking or texting one day. Mark and his bride live somewhere out in the county with their puppies and chickens.

Occasionally, Mark will ramble online at Go Clemson.

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