Alex Parsley

Describe your role:

I tell stories and paint pictures of what the Kingdom of God looks like in the here and now, in our people, in our community, and beyond.

Favorite People:

My hubby Jason, our 3 greatest works of art, Lily, Laila, and Jed, and our newest adopted addition, Ethan, who just joined us from China!

Favorite Book:

Hinds Feet on High Places

Favorite Movies:

Serendipity and pretty much all animated movies

Favorite Adventures:

Mostly the everyday adventure, laughs, and chaos that is life with my favorite people. Hiking, Camping, Back Porching, Beaching, and Shepherd’s Field in China.

Favorite Verse:

“For those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength. They will lift up on wings like eagles.” Isaiah 43:2

Learn More:

Check out the rest of my story here:





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